The President’s Son

Do they know him, my father? Do they know anything about him other than him being the president of their country? Nigerians, quick to judge and rain causes. Looking for whom to blame for the chaos than reigns in the country. Screaming about eliminating corruption when they themselves are also buried deep in that sin.

How do they expect one man, to carry the ancestral problems we’ve all been facing for decades now? How do they expect one man to change years an years of wrong within the twinkle of an eye?. Do they think it is easy to govern a country such as Nigeria? To handle the mind blowing issues that presents itself everyday?

Do they think he does not see the suffering of citizens, and the pain which most Nigerians are faced with? Do they think they are the only ones who are being slapped by the brutality of our present situation?

No, selfish and self centred people, yet they expect my father to care about their need. “Do unto others what you want them to do unto you” isn’t that the way it should be? Helping one another? Yet, All they do is blame and blame! Throwing stones at a man for accusations they themselves are not free from. They complain about the environment, don’t they think they would be helping the government if they saw it fit to just dispose of their trash in the appropriate places?

Let’s put one of them, one of those loud voltrons, screaming into the microphone asking for something to be done. Let’s try it, 4weeks in the presidential house, let’s see whether they won’t run off before the first day ends. Oh no, Gucci rice and Louis vuitton beans?? That’s what they think? That the presidential seat is all sweet pleasure right? Let them come and try it.

Change, Change is a gradual process, change takes time. To experience change, one needs patience, Nigerians need to understand that. They feel every situation is to be rushed into head first. *sigh*

About 23 days ago, when nigerians went into the protest to revert fuel price, and in the course eliminate corruption, I just sat in the shadow of the large library bookshelf listening to the news Appalled at the way nigerians saw to settle things out. What did they know they were fighting for, what? Corruption?, Bribery? That canker worm has eaten into the bone marrow of nigerians, and if they wanted it to be extinguished they had to start from themselves.

Who were they fighting, the government? How could they be fighting another person for what lived inside of them?

The stupidity. Where did that get them? What did they achieve? I would like to ask them that now. Sacrificing innocent lives for a meaningless battle? Most of them died not even knowing what it was they were truly fighting for.. *spits* Hopeless.

“Kill the president, kill the president,” most screamed. Kill the president and then what? Do these people think? I wondered. What do they think the country would become without a leader?

Do they really believe that a man who has seen the other side of life would deliberately leave the less priviledged to suffer?

Time nigerians, time is what they need to give my father. Time and patience.

I stepped out of my jacuzzi, wrapped a towel around my waist and walked into my enormous bedroom.

Even as I was enjoying in this luxry, I thought that someone out there was still mourning someone they lost at the protest. A tear nearly slid out… Nearly.

Now that they have fought and achieved nothing, everyone has calmed down and accepted what is. Maybe now they would let my father carry on his work as he had promised.

I tuned. To the news, “President Goodluck Jonathan has challenged the Boko Haram sect to identify themselves and state clearly their demands as a basis for talks.” .. And then someone replied “That is how to know a coward.”

These people, will they ever be satisfied?

*lights blunt* this nation truly is Forever hopeless *puffs*


13 responses to “The President’s Son

  1. Trust me..u dnt expect sm1 dat spends 1billion on jst meals to notice d suffering of other pple..he is leader buh nt a clever clever leader will cause confusion for d nation on d 1st day of a new year..he is dere for d people n if d people say dey dnt want this he shld follow em..dats wat Democracy is once again Fuck ur Father!!:p

    • LOL. In the land of the blind, a one eyed man is the leader. A large amount of the masses don’t know the importance or usefulness of subsidy removal, so all my father was doin was trying to help them see the way and to understand that it was for a good purpose.

      • Like I sed he is dere for d pple…we dnt want his good purpose if he cnt prove to us dat its for a good purpose…we were enjoying our lives b4..

  2. Gentleman, I must congratulate you on this write up. I also want to applaud the fact that sentiments were not quite attached too but you must also understand certain facts. His actions may be justified but the point is FIRST things FIRST. Majority of the citizens in this country have been enduring and facing hardships and conditions that are quite unfavourable long before this policy of fuel subsidy removal was mentioned. Implenting the policy therefore is going to be a nightmare because the common social amenities are not in place. If at least, electricity was stable, the effect of the policy implementation would not be felt so much. In other words, common basic amenities must be in place in order to alleviate the effects of the implementation. If a man eats three times a day without water and you want to take one meal from him, give him water so he won’t feel the effect of the lost meal so much.

    • HA! Richard. You have destroyed my ears with big grammer. What you’re saying is true, like wise what I said too. its now for us to meet half way and come to an agreement.

      So chill, you know..have some weed B-). Peace

  3. “Most of them died not even knowing what it was they were truly fighting for” ..WORD!!!
    I also agree that the corruption is deep-rooted in most Nigerians so change has to start from within each person. At the same time, it’s almost impossible for everyone to have an epiphany that would make them drop their corrupt mentality so we cant just wait for personal change. Maybe if the change starts from within the government, it would change the corrupt attitude of the people cos with good government, there will be less poverty and stress, and less cause for corruption and apathy.
    I know i’m speaking grammar but oh well :p
    Loved this post boo boo!!

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